About Us


 The Square Gift Store is a special place.

Nestled opposite St Patrick’s Cathedral on the edge of Auckland’s CBD, we sell Christian items for all occasions - seasoned with some food for the soul.

Whether it’s nativity statues by famed American artist Jim Shore, the beautiful Willow Tree range of statues and angels by Susan Lordi, rosaries made by West Bank Christians, crosses, crucifixes, candles or icons, we pride ourselves on our products and our service.

If we don’t have an item, we’ll try and get it for you.

And because of demand from our clients, we’ve now opened an online store.

We also insist that everything we sell is sourced from ethical suppliers whose staff are treated fairly and are properly paid.

Like the cathedral across the forecourt, The Square Gift Store welcomes people from all denominations, but is proud to be Catholic.

Sandra Barden opened the store in 2011 to give people a place to buy religious items, but we’ve come to supply much more than that.

People come to us for advice, they come to us for information, and they even come to us looking for quotes to use on cards, in eulogies and in services.

We’re happy to help.

When you’re looking for gifts with special significance or items for yourself, think inside The Square and come and see us.

If you want to shop online click here or contact us.



Sandra Barden & The Square Gift Store Team


Sandra Barden

Sandra Barden walks the talk. She’s a businesswoman who believes in her work and a Catholic who practices what she preaches.

Sandra opened The Square Gift Store in 2011 to give people in the inner city somewhere to buy religious items, and has built the business from scratch.

“But if I ever thought that I was going to just stand behind the counter and sell rosaries and candles, it was never going to happen,” she said.

“I found we were also providing information and support to all sorts of people.

“We have people - Catholics and Christians from other denominations - who have been away from their church for decades wondering how they can reconnect, we have people looking for quotes for a Christening service or their wedding, we have people who come in just to chat.

“Sometimes they just need pointing in the right direction. It’s all part of who we are.”

For Sandra, who was born into a Catholic farming family in the eastern Waikato and has six children with her husband Wayne, following her faith and helping others comes naturally.

“I’m a people person,” she said.

“That was always a driving force in my business career and it hasn’t changed.”

Her people focus is why most of the staff at The Square Gift Store are from younger generations, it’s why advice and information are part of the service, and it’s why Sandra insists that the goods she sells are sourced from suppliers whose staff are treated “fairly and squarely and are properly paid”.

And while demand has seen The Square Gift Store open its online service, the shop on The Square will still be there to provide the personal touch.

“We’re still here for people in the city who want to buy their religious gifts and for the people who want that advice and information.

“It’s what we do.”